Beginners Somatic Yoga & Movement-6pm 18:00 - 19:00


Discover deep relaxation through Body Awareness.

Simple poses and breath work are used to build strength, flexibility and reduce the affects of stress.

This is a slow paced class, perfect for anyone looking for a gentle and relaxing practise. This class includes gentle somatic exercises to create a greater connection with yourself through the integration of body and mind.

Each exercise is done slowly and is followed by one minute of deep breathing, self-awareness, and integration. Class concludes with a guided meditation to leave you feeling serene, relaxed and rejuvenated!

Somatic inspired yoga does not focus on providing aerobic or muscularly demanding exercise.

Learn how to gain control of your body using gentle, effortless movements designed to release chronically tight muscles.
Somatic Yoga is a body-centered practice that incorporates slow deliberate movements and conscious attention.
Somatics movements and exercises are gentle enough for most body types to do without risk of injury.
It does not require intense stretching to try to release muscle tension. Instead, Somatic Yoga uses the brain and nervous system to lengthen and re-educate muscles that have become involuntarily contracted.Rather than pushing or striving, MINIMAL effort is encouraged!!

6 week session starts May 30 ($75)

Class size is limited. Email Stacey at to register