BEGINNERS Somatic Movement-7pm 19:00 - 20:00

This is a slow paced, Mindful Movement class, perfect for anyone looking for a gentle and relaxing practise. This class is an introduction into Hanna Somatics based movements. You’ll learn how to use groundbreaking Somatic Movement exercises to help you recognize where there may be muscle tension in your body ,alleviate common musculoskeletal conditions, improve your posture and movement all while reducing stress & anxiety.

This class focuses on releasing muscle tension in the core of your body : your back, waist, abdomen, shoulders and hips. The core of your body is where your posture and movement patterns begin- it’s your foundation! It is very important to address problems and imbalances in your core before moving outwards to your extremities.

Come explore just how easy it can be to release muscle tension and rediscover comfort and ease in your body!



6 week session starts April 25 $105


Class size is limited.

Email Stacey at to register