BEGINNERS YOGA- Relaxation through Body Awareness 18:00 - 19:00

be in harmony

Come and explore the practise of Somatic Yoga to gently relax and restore the mind , body, and spirit. Simple poses and breath work are used to build strength, flexibility and reduce the affects of stress. This is a slow paced class, perfect for anyone looking for a gentle and relaxing practise. This class includes gentle somatic exercises to create a greater connection with yourself through the integration of body and mind. Each yoga pose is done slowly and is followed by one minute of deep breathing, self-awareness, and integration. Class concludes with a guided meditation to leave you feeling serene, relaxed and rejuvenated!

Somatic inspired yoga does not focus on providing aerobic or muscularly demanding exercise.

4 week session begins July 10- $50

Space is limited. Please contact me to reserve your spot!

Class size is limited. Email Stacey at youryogasarnia@gmail.com to register