Somatic Movement-10:30am 10:30 - 11:30

This is a slow paced class, perfect for anyone looking for a gentle and relaxing practise. This class includes gentle Somatic Flows to create a greater connection with yourself through the integration of body and mind.

Somatic Movement is a body-centered practice that incorporates slow deliberate movements and conscious attention (Flows) to release tension-based patterns in the body.
Somatic Movement Flows will meet you where you are currently and gently guide you into greater states of inner peace and joy
Instead of traditional stretching, Somatic Movement utilizes brain-to-muscle re-education to reprogram muscles.
The self-corrective and therapeutic exercises are ideal for overcoming bodily pain, dramatically increasing flexibility, and reversing postural imbalances.
Learn how to gain control of your body using gentle, effortless movements designed to release chronically tight muscles.
Somatics Movement flows are gentle enough for most body types to do without risk of injury.
Somatic Movement flows use the brain and nervous system to lengthen and re-educate muscles that have become involuntarily contracted.
Rather than pushing or striving, MINIMAL effort is encouraged!!

Upcoming Movement Sessions:

5 week session starts Sept. 8,2022 ($80)

4 week session starts Oct 20,2022 ($65)

4 week session starts Nov. 24,2022 ($65)

6 week session starts Jan. 5, 2023 ($96)

Class size is limited.

Email Stacey at to register