YOGA NIDRA for STRESS & ANXIETY- 19:00 - 21:00

This class is perfect for anyone who is dealing with stress, anxiety, depression or any other chronic dis-ease and would like to experience the benefits of Yoga Nidra & Somatic Movement in a class with other like minded people .

LEARN: about the Stress Response and how stress affects your mind/body.


Somatic Movement-  Learn a gentle & easy way to melt away chronic tension to experience deep relaxation.
Somatic Movement involves a series of specific exercises that reconnect the brain with the muscles so you can let go of tightness in the body.
The movements are slow and mindful. Many are performed on the floor, so your body is more comfortable and isn’t fighting against gravity.

DISCOVER: the ancient practise of Yoga Nidra– a form of meditation that guides the practitioner into a state of deep relaxation .



Next 6 week session begins Jan.4  $150
Learn about your Nervous System and the Stress Response and how Yoga Nidra may be of help to you. Handouts will be given.
To prepare the body for this meditation , classes will begin with some of the very basic Somatic Yoga Flow Movements .

Please bring 2 blankets & a small pillow with you.
Pre- registration is required.

Here’s what one student had to say about this class

I’ve been attending Stacey’s insightful Yoga Nidra classes for about three years now.
She shares her depth of knowledge in both a welcoming & down to earth manner for which I greatly appreciate.
From the easy to do somatic movements, to the relaxing meditation, Stacey guides her students to the understanding of just how the body functions under stress.
The practice of Yoga Nidra has not only greatly informed me, but helped to lessen my anxiety 🙏”.

Dianne. G