Yoga Nidra 19:15 - 20:15

Join us for an hour of relaxation that just can’t be beat!

To celebrate the re-start of classes Yoga Nidra will be offered at a reduced rate! $17.50/class.

Classes will run for 7 weeks- March 15 to April 25



  1. Internalization/Settling: Awareness moves from the physical body inward.


  1. Sankalpa: A carefully chosen positive intention or affirmation stated in the present tense.

Examples: a) I am awakening  my spiritual potential. b) I am successful in all I undertake. c) I am healthy.


  1. Body Rotation: Rotation of consciousness/awareness through the entire body (without physical movement). The sequence of rotation relates directly to the motor homunculus (the symbolic person embedded within the brain matter). The sensory motor cortex is accessed during this stage of Yoga Nidra.


  1. Breath Awareness: One becomes acutely aware of the breath (often by counting backwards). This stage promotes relaxation and concentration. The brain moves from the busy beta state to the more relaxed alpha state. Breathing changes from being a function of the brain stem to being a function of the cerebral cortex (higher brain). During this stage the body releases endorphins (natural pain-killers).


  1. Opposites: Opposite emotions or sensations are explored while practicing non-attachment. This part of the practice connects to the limbic system (reptilian brain). The opposites stage of Yoga Nidra develops will-power, emotional control, and greater equanimity.


  1. Visualizations: Simple Imagery is visualized. This stage develops self-awareness and relaxes the mind by cleansing it of painful and disturbing material (samskaras).


  1. Sankalpa (repeat of Stage 2): The Sankalpa is mentally repeated with the exact wording as in stage 2. The Sankalpa now can root deeply while the mind is relaxed and receptive.


  1. Externalization: The Yoga Nidra practice is completed gradually by bringing the mind from psychic sleep to the waking state


*Required for class – 2-3 blankets , a small cushion or pillow to support your neck, comfortable clothing