Class Guidelines

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What to Bring/Wear


  • A large blanket ( Mexican blankets are ideal but as long as it is large enough to cover yourself, it’ll work!)


  • A water bottle


  • Wear clothing that is comfortable and will allow the body to stretch easily such as shorts, T-shirts, leggings or
    work-out wear. Most important is that you are unconstricted by your clothing


  • A mat ( a limited number of mats are available to use, if needed)


Guidelines for Practice


  • Be patient and kind to yourself as your practice unfolds


  • First class? Arrive 15 minutes early to relax, fill out your student class form and discuss your goals


  • For subsequent classes, try to arrive ten minutes early to be in the best state of mind for your class


  • If arriving late, please be courteous and quiet when entering a class already in session


  • Remember to turn off your mobile device to cultivate a calm and peaceful space


  • Inform your teacher if you are working with any limitations or injuries to ensure you have a safe and healing practice


  • All instruction is a suggestion; nothing is mandatory.  Rest is always an option. Closing your eyes and imagining you are doing the exercise will give you benefits!


  • Avoid wearing perfume or cologne, as others may have allergic reactions to fragrances