Yoga Nidra is a guided, systematic meditation practise that induces complete mental, physical and emotional relaxation. The physical body is led into a relaxed state while the mind remains alert and aware.

Scientifically speaking, Yoga Nidra switches us out of our “flight or fight” mode and induces our body’s relaxation response, which is its natural state of healing and rejuvenation. Research has shown that when meditation is done regularly it has the potential to strengthen our immune system, reduce our risk of serious stress-related ailments such as heart disease and hypertension, reduce signs of aging, and increase our psychological health & well-being.

Yoga Nidra is unlike regular Yoga practice where you place your body into a series of postures. It is done lying down in a comfortable position on the floor.  The beauty of this practice is that ANYONE can do it and you cannot do it wrong. You can even fall asleep and this practise will still work!

Dr. Andrew Huberman is a neuro-scientist and tenured professor in the Department of Neurobiology at Stanford University’s School of Medicine. He has made numerous important contributions to the fields of brain development, brain function, and neural plasticity. He is a McKnight Foundation and Pew Foundation fellow and recipient of the 2017 Cogan Award for his discoveries in the study of vision. Work from the Huberman Laboratory at Stanford Medicine has been consistently published in top journals including NatureScience, and Cell.

He is also a huge advocate for practicing Yoga Nidra ! Click below to hear what he has to say about the practise..



A profound experience of muscular, mental and emotional relaxation.

Soothes the autonomic nervous system.

Helps create new neuropathways which lead to healthy habits and routines.

Increases quality and amount of sleep.

Improves creativity and whole brain functioning.

Enhances mental focus, and attention span.

Reduces the suffering of chronic pain.

Creates more ease and peace of mind in daily life

Fewer physical symptoms, such as headaches and back pain

Fewer emotional responses, such as anger and frustration

More energy

Improved concentration

Greater ability to handle problems

More efficiency in daily activities

The Impact of Yoga Nidra and Seated Meditation on the Mental Health of College Professors – PubMed (

Here’s what one student had to say about this class :

“I’ve been attending Stacey’s insightful Yoga Nidra classes for about three years now.
She shares her depth of knowledge in both a welcoming & down to earth manner for which I greatly appreciate.
From the easy to do somatic movements, to the relaxing meditation, Stacey guides her students to the understanding of just how the body functions under stress.
The practice of Yoga Nidra has not only greatly informed me, but helped to lessen my anxiety 🙏”.


Upcoming Classes:  starts March 15,2022 -April 26

COST: $20/class   *To celebrate the re-opening of Your Yoga Sarnia enjoy a reduced price – $17.50/class

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