YOGA NIDRA – February 21, 2020 @ 6:30pm

Are you feeling the need for deep rest? deep relaxation?
Feeling stressed and need to re- charge?

Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation done while resting on the floor. It’s is a simple way to help reduce stress. 😤
It promotes deep rest 😴and relaxation that isn’t found in your average meditation practice.Absolutely anyone can benefit from this practise. You DO NOT NEED any prior yoga or meditation experience.

Yoga Nidra allows you to turn down the Sympathetic Nervous System ( Fight or Flight) and turn up the Parasympathetic Nervous System (Relaxation Response) bringing you effortlessly into a state of natural self-healing.🙏Yoga Nidra works at the deeper levels of consciousness – ones that precede the state of sleep.
A Yoga Nidra session takes you inwards & away from external experiences and works toward balancing the three basic body and mind systems;

~ Muscular-
relating to tensions and imbalances in the physical body itself , including the nervous and hormonal ( endocrine) systems.

~ Emotional-
imbalances caused by an inability to express emotion. The resulting repression and tension can become increasingly deep rooted over time.

~ Mental-
tensions caused by excessive mental activity.
Throughout life , experiences are registered by our conscious mind and accumulate accordingly. From time to time, these build to explosive levels and will burst over into consciousness, affecting our physical body, mind, behaviour and reactions.

In a state of ‘consciousness awareness’ you will be taken down into and through the layers of the subconscious mind.
Instruction is given directly; you will bring about their own state of relaxation by following the spoken instruction.
Any insights or resolutions are cultivated entirely by you.

Inner calming and a profound sense of rest is gained from practising Yoga Nidra.With regular practice you can discover how to self-activate the relaxation response in your body, welcome & balance emotions, recognize healthy habits, and prevent/reduce conditions such as anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, PTSD and addictions.
In general, you’ll find yourself responding more calmly and clearly to stressful situations .

Discover the many benefits of Yoga Nidra with certified Yoga Nidra facilitator/teacher Stacey Bremner.

Cost – $30
Pre-registration is required.
Please email Stacey at
*Class size is limited. This event has sold out in the past.
Register early to save YOUR spot

HAPPY HIPS, KNEES & FEET WORKSHOP- Dec 8,2019 12-4:30 pm

Join me for an afternoon of self-care!
In this workshop, we will explore simple tools and practices for releasing chronic muscle tension to feel better in your body.
No experience is required. All are welcome.

What You Will Experience
The special focus of this workshop is happy and healthy feet, knees and hips.
You will learn simple, practical tools & movements to release muscle tension, relieve aches & pains, and add more movement into your daily life, including:
* Simple breathing exercises to manage daily stress, and keep chronic muscle tension at bay
* Self-massage myofascial release technique, using rubber therapy balls, to release muscle tightness and tension and create greater ease of movement (therapy balls will be yours to keep!)

* The art of Pandiculation

*  Handouts for each Somatic Movement exercise to practice at home
* Deep and restorative guided relaxation

What You Will Take Away
You will leave feeling restored and rejuvenated with new tools and practices to rebalance your body, relieve aches & pains and bring more movement into your daily life in a healthy, balanced way.
Space is limited
Pre-registration is required
Cost- $100
Earlybird pricing $85 (if registered by Nov. 16 )
*Current Your Yoga Sarnia Students received 5% discount